Our quality control and management runs through the entire production process

Full quality control process
  • Step 1
    Product Quality Risk Prediction
    From product project to device selection, it is necessary to review and verify, identify quality risks in advance, and do a good job of quality risk control.
  • Step 2
    Incoming material inspection
    through the raw materials or components of the appearance, size, function, packaging and other aspects of the inspection to ensure that the purchased materials in line with the company's quality standards and requirements
  • Step 3
    Quality control of production process
    Establish proper production process control and standard operation procedures to ensure the quality stability and consistency of products in the production process.
  • Step 4
    Inspection and testing
    Establish appropriate inspection and testing procedures to conduct comprehensive quality inspection and testing of products to ensure that the products meet the relevant technical specifications and performance requirements.
  • Step 5
    Defective product management and corrective measures
    establish defective product management mechanism, timely detection and treatment of defective products, and take corrective measures to prevent the recurrence of defective products.
  • Step 6
    Quality training
    Carry out quality training to improve the quality awareness and skills of employees, and at the same time establish a continuous improvement mechanism to continuously optimize the product design, production and service process to improve the quality level of products.
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