We offer innovative design solutions to visualize your product concepts.

ID Design
MD Design
Whole Structure Design
Appearance Modeling Design

Conduct preliminary modeling design according to product ID and brand positioning, and import product functional requirements.

Structural Design

design the internal structure of the whole machine.

Whole Machine Verification

actual testing and verification of the product to ensure that the structural design of the product meets the functional requirements of the product and has mass producability.

Structural Optimization

Through the test verification analysis, the whole machine assembly problem analysis, including the optimization of structural design adjustment and material optimization and improvement.

Structural Scheme Design

Confirm PCB stack dimensions and the layout of connector structure parts according to customer's ID functional requirements

Based on PCB layout to check the rationality of electronic components and 3D failure analysis to improve the final PCB stacking.

Evaluate the electrical performance of the whole machine and confirm the PIN definition of the electronic wire.